What is Frogar.io?

Frogar.io is the ultimate Frog Eater IO game. It is a frogtastic fun-filled mobile online multiplayer game where you play against hundreds of other players all competing to be the biggest and baddest frog in the world!

In Frogar.io you will enjoy:

  • global leaderboards, along with your own personal "friends" leaderboard. Add an compete against your friends!
  • play against hundreds of other player from all over the world, on your mobile device!
  • NO LAG!
  • easy & rewarding gameplay with deep meta-game. Play casually whenever you want, or master the game to become the best! Earn daily rewards from completing quests.
  • unlock loads of beautiful frogs. New frogs are added regularly!

Don't just take our word for it!

Kimmie Cat via Google Play

I was lucky enough to review this game. I gotta tell you..I am so glad I did. I loved this game from the start. So addictive.



Crumbler via Google Play

I love reptiles and amphibians so this game really has me hooked 🐸

Koko Felinczak via Google Play

ribbit very ribbit fun ribbit game ribbit thank ribbit you ribbit so ribbit much

Ashlee Brown via Google Play

Addictive and fun 😃

Nicholas Shipman via Google Play

Love this game its so fun

Community Reviews and Gameplay Footage!

GameBound's awesome let's play!

Jim and Jared from GameBound are a couple of funny dudes! We love their videos, and are thankful that they took some time to do one for us!

Find GameBound on youtube and on twitter!

KimmieCat's Awesome Review!

KimmieCat is one cool cat. She's not just an awesome youtuber but she's also a gamer, mom and surfer! Check out this awesome review that she did for us.

Find KimmieCat on youtube and on twitter!

MrsRage Reviews Frogar.io!

MrsRage is not your average gamer girl. You'll often find her pwning noobs in Call Of Duty and other hardcore games. Thankfully though she was able to take some time from her busy schedule to make this awesome video!

Find MrsRage on youtube and on twitter!

Puggsly's Quirky Take On Frogar.io!

Puggsly is a youtuber known for his weird and wonderful content! We were delighted when he showed us this video. It is truely beautiful!

Find Puggsly on youtube and on twitter!

A Gameplay Video by Our Top Player!

Giggless is one of our most loyal players. She has been at the top of the leaderboard almost since the game began, and is totally undisputed! She's also not bad at making videos!

Find giggless on youtube!

A Let's Play Video by MishaBe67!

MishaBe67 is a relatively new youtuber who loves to post content for mobile games. She's done a few videos for Frogar.io and is an avid supporter!

Find MishaBe67 on youtube and on twitter!

Donny Shares His Strategy!

Donny is our lead developer, and in this video he shares the strategy that he uses when he plays Frogar.io. Check it out!

Who are we?

We are Jadoku, a small indie development studio based in Scotland, United Kingdom. Jadoku came about when a few friends shared their common interest in development and technology, and decided to give it a go. A few years down the line, we're still going, and we're still working hard to provide intuitive apps, games and software to the world in the hope that we put a smile on at least one person's face! :)

Want to know more about us, check out our other games or get in touch? Visit our website here!

Are you interested in reviewing Frogar.io?

If you are a gamer, or even just enthusiastic about frogs, we would love it if you could spare a moment to review our game. Whether you are just looking to post up a section about our game on your website or whether you are looking construct a feature-length video documentary, we would love to hear from you!

To reward your efforts, we are willing to offer free coins. For individuals who are able to go the extra mile though, we can also offer your own personal promo codes and/or add a frog to the game in your honor!

If you are interested, please contact us or check out the official Frogar.io press kit for images/videos and other resources that may be useful to you.

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